What Are Google Ads Audiences?

‘Audiences’ makes you think of crowds of people sitting somewhere, watching a show or sporting event. Google Ads audiences work in very much the same way, letting you adjust your advertising strategies according to which audience is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

The two main audience types you’ll want to look at for this are:

  • In-Market Audience
  • Affinity Audience

In-Market Audience: Looking at what users are actively searching

In-Market audiences, as the term implies, are users who are in the market for your goods or services. This particular audience is made up of users who have been identified by Google – or have identified themselves – as actively searching and interacting in specific interest categories online. This can be especially useful for businesses that work with temporary interests like real estate.

For instance, an individual won’t search for a new home every day, but when the moment to search for a new home arises they will begin comparing prices, searching listings, and so on. This activity indicates to Google that the individual now falls under the ‘Real Estate’ interest category.If you have set your Google Ads targeting to advertise to this exact In-Marketing audience you will have a good shot at being found and making an impression.Best of all, by making use of In-Market audiences you can effectively alleviate Ad spend on low-value users by only advertising to actively interested users. This also means that you can bid more competitively with better odds of a good return on investment.

Affinity Audience: Looking at overall user interests

Where In-Market audiences are very specific, Affinity Audiences take into account a user’s overall interests. Google will look at a user’s general behaviour over time, like what they search and what sorts of pages and articles they tend to favour in their online activity. Using these browsing habits, users can then be placed into certain Affinity Audiences, which are useful for indicating the topics/interests for which they show the greatest affiliation.

While these Affinity Audiences are more wide-spread, they provide you with a means of adjusting the bids for your advertisements. For instance, a user who falls into an audience like ‘Computers’ may not be searching for software or hardware products specifically, but by advertising these to somebody with these affiliated interests there is a great chance of your ad being viewed as relevant.

Make the best use of Google Audiences

Making the best use of Google Audiences in your marketing is all about understanding what they are, how they work, and finding a few tips and tricks to guide your efforts. To help you along, have a look at this article on how to leverage Google’s newaudience features.

Happy advertising!