Three Most Interesting Water Sports inGoa

The adrenaline rush that runs down your spine when you take part in any water sports activity is sometimes second to none. Goa is one of the hottest places in India to indulge in adventure water sports.

  1. Scuba Diving

This is, undoubtedly, the most favoured activity when it comes to exploring the under waters. Scuba Diving in Goa is an astounding sport that you should try if you are looking for adventure and thrill underwater.

The most vital part of this activity is its gear, which is a scuba breathing set including an oxygen tank and a tube, attached to a mouthpiece, which enables you to breathe appropriately. Get a chance to encounter the beautiful and differing marine animals of the ocean and appreciate them very close with this movement. Before you can savour this experience, you will be trained by experienced jumpers at Atlantis, who will present some essential aptitudes required to do it.

Your Goa scuba jumping preparing activity will let you adjust with the equipment and make you agreeable in water. Feel the thrill as you plunge into the cooling ocean water and swim with the colourful fishes. It’s a perfect adventure for those looking for some thrill and fun in Goa. Discover the coral reefs and the sea algae with Atlantis Water Sports and gift yourself some real adventure in the sea.

  1. Parasailing

If you are a high flier and want to experience the thrill of flying in the clouds, parasailing is made for you! There are only a few resorts in Goa that provide the equipment required for this thrilling sport. Parasailing needs an individual to be air-borne for a particular duration of time.

It uses a rope which measures around 200-300 feet, firmly attached to the harness of the parasail and the opposite end to a speedboat. When the boat comes into high gear, the participant pleasantly gets lifted off the ground, and within a few seconds, he/she is in the clouds. Once up in the air, you merely need to maintain your balance and enjoy those amazing, aerial views. While taking part in this activity, one must wear casual and comfortable clothes. Children aged less than 15 years are usually not permitted for these rides.

  1. Snorkelling

If you want to go Snorkelling in Goa, you will necessarily need a day trip to Grand Island. The place provides one of the best snorkelling journeys in Goa. That feeling of diving into the depths of the sea without worrying about your safety is quite exhilarating. Snorkelling allows you to experience that with the perfect equipment to keep you safe and sound. The best time to make a visit to Goa for snorkelling would be from November to April when the water is extremely ideal for the activity. For those who want to take proper training before the actual dive can get certified from the snorkelling classes that are available at a few selectspots in Goa.

Also, remember that snorkelling requires participants to wear a diving mask and take a shaped tube called a snorkel. This lets the individual stay underwater for a considerable length of time to witness the beautiful marine life. This is among the numerous water sports in Goa which are exclusively meant for adults.

There are a lot of other adventure sports activities available in Goa and you can try it all out to ensure you take home the best memories from Goa.