They could become geniuses: How children with ICP are treated in Kazakhstan

Zhanyl Mukashova, the program director at the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation, said that autism is not a disease, it is rather a condition a person is born with; it can’t be treated but there are certain methods that help to correct and adapt the patient to the social life.

Carol Rocksburg and Hudsev Handsra, the international consultants from the Carbone Clinic, visited the autism center in Astana. According to Mrs. Mukashova, the main purpose of their visit was to assess the level of center’s operation, its program, treatment methods, and technologies. They also provided valuable recommendations about how to improve the treatment of children with autism and what other methods can be used in that process.

Our centers implement and use only scientifically proven and effective methods of treatment because it is very important for the parents to know that these methods will not hamper the development of their children.

The journalists also had a chance to talk to Nurgul Kadyrova, a mother of a little girl named Kausar who has been visiting Asyl Miras for three months. According to the woman, the results have exceeded her boldest expectations. Before that, her little daughter couldn’t even build a toy pyramid, but now she is even capable of repeating certain words.

Carol Rocksburg, a specialist from the Carbone Clinic, said that the early intervention during the treatment of children with ICP can ensure better results. Although there are cases where the disability is detected at the more advanced age. In that case, we use the same principles, the same program design which we have been developing. First, we evaluate the condition of the child, which skills are underdeveloped, what this child needs exactly. It is of immense importance to find the cause of such behavior. Children with autism can learn from the environment just like the ordinary kids.

The specialists at the center are doing a great job, but there is a lack of medical instructors in Kazakhstan who can also analyze the child’s behavior. That’s why the center invites international experts in this particular area of medicine for the purpose of providing the necessary training for the staff. She also noted that the center has a well-organized structure. Mrs. Rocksburg concluded that there is a severe lack of proper university program that would allow for training local specialists in behavioral analysis.