The furniture of the future

Searching for the perfect arrangement for your business center has never been more satisfying and comprehensive. With the MSL Interiors – the exclusive office furniture supplier, the client experiences highest standards of services and products. The company delivers environmentally friendly materials and processes and provides various additional service options for the individual needs. Follow the exact website and let them furnish your rooms.

Furniture and more

The MSL Interiors provide exclusive office and reception furniture like desks, tables, chairs and seating of modern design and greatest functionality. Office appliances are manufactured in Europe with care for ecology and value for money. Clients can choose from the selection of reception funky projects and coffee tables, sophisticated executive office designs with real wood or selection of laminated finishes. Pick not only from office chairs or desks catalogue but also table games like ping-pong and storage systems or Media walls for optimal space adjustment. A wide range of products for conference and meeting rooms is provided including the latest modular seating solutions, unconventional tree-house pods and barstools or tables for something completely different at bistro areas.

 Facilities and maintenance that suit every pocket 

Many additional services from the MSL Interiors’ partners are available at clients’ disposal for example professional fitting program supported by such options as workspace analysis, design planning, project management, cost calculation or relocation services to ensure that setting process goes according to the tailor-made scheme. For more convenient payment the lease finance agenda is provided which gives the opportunity to spread out the costs over specified period of time. As far as the finance is concerned the MSL independent partner – Bluestone Leasing, comes in handy. The company offers custom-fit leasing and installment options.

Tempting with its natural quality

The company assures its devotion to nature and eco-solutions mainly by its ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations and cooperation with manufacturers using natural resources only from specifically maintained forest and focusing on lowering energy waste, production emissions and pollution. How professional and welcoming is that you can have real wood, glass or stone exclusive furniture with no side-effects in the environmental sector. Contact us and establish your own furnishings.