The Contemporary Chief Learning Officer – Marrying Innovation with Common Sense

HR function is evolving today. That is not a news, it’s a fast paced evolutionary world after all and things change in a blink of an eye. However, the news here is from the desk of Chief Learning Officer with an ever increasing inclination on talent management. Now, if you look from a macro playing field learning is very much the part of talent management framework. However, corporates will very much like to see learning as a standalone function.

Learning versus Training

Learning might come up as a standalone vertical, but can it be a lone wolf in corporate jungle? Training and learning forman integral part of chief operating officer jobs where the core is to understand employee skills for bringing out optimum performance. Learning requires you to look at the external factors say, market predisposition, and employee diversity to name some. Training is more inclusive and focusses on employee skills and in the long run drive the select few towards leadership.

Bridging the Gap

Technology and diversified workforce are two factors that are major curve balls to impact, learning. Millennials are now a robust half of the workforce and by 2025 they will be 75% of the total human capital in the world. There is a lot of talks about the generation gap. The Boomer C-Suit does not always comprehend the aspirations of a millennial employee. A great learning module should blend and exchange. Learning officers can come up with work situations where the boomers and millennials work together as a team and get first hand insight.

Technology Lift

Working together clears the air of pre-conceived notions. There is a diverse blending of ideas and the last time we checked, variety creates the perfect concoction. Technology is one sunshine story for top chief learning officer worldwide and none is shy to use it. Millennials need a learning process that scales up to their expectations and engages. Training has done a fair job throughout the years and had the future a frozen state, it would have been successful without a glitch. But, future is changing. Learning is what holds water with the workforce today.

Built for the Future

There are high risk takers and doers in the boardroom and cubicles. They do not fear failure, but they do not want to miss out on trying what looks like a great idea. Learning is all about this very concept. One of the major chief learning officer responsibilities is to make company learning oriented. Take a leaf from Accenture that has a learning platform with all you can access interface. It reaches to all its employees, who can access the areas of learning that looks perfect to them for anytime, anywhere.

Experiential learning is the best to reach out to your audience. Engage employees by exposing them to experiences that challenges their core competencies. The foremost task, however, remains is to align learning to your business goals. Creating a learning culture aligned to business needs is the best way to go about it. You can also allow employees to take charge and get on board with innovative learning ideas. After all many brains are better than one, right?