Self-storage for antique; how to safely keep your precious belongings

Every household has some treasured possessions that re passed on from one generation to other. Their precious possessions are usually expensive antiques that have a great value in the present market. But, because of the emotional values associated with these assets, selling them is often an unforgivable offense. But, how do you store these antiques when you already are suffering with space crunch in your apartment? Moreover, because of their age, these antiques require special care and storage conditions which we often cannot arrange at our home. So, what is the best way to preserve these proud possessions? There is a single stop solution for all such worries-Storage units.

With houses becoming cramped with every passing day, it has become essential to take out some stuff that needs special storage provisions. This not only saves space but also ensure that the antiques are stored safely. Storage Units have all such provisions which allows easy storage and security of high level.

However before you lock in the items in any random storage unit, you need to make some arrangements to ensure ultimate safety of all your belongings. Here is a brief guide related to safely storing antiques in storage units:

Check out all the antiques that require special storage:

If you have an assortment of antiques at your home, you must first segregate those which have are vulnerable to climatic changes. Items like wooden antiques, art & crafts, oil paintings are more susceptible to damage and require special storage arrangements.

Find the best storage units:

Once you know the number of items you need to store and their nature, you should start searching for the best storage spaces available in your locality. The best storage units Costa Mesa will offer you climate-controlled storage facility and appropriate sized unit according to your need. The storage providers will also assess your requirement and offer you some guidance on how to pack and store your belongings.

Climate controlled units are special storage units which have arrangements for storing items in a controlled climate. These units have controlled humidity levels and temperatures that offer best preservation conditions for antiques.

Pack them expertly:

Packing plays a crucial role in making your antiques storage proof. You need to wrap it expertly to ensure the bumps and crashes while transporting them to the storage doesn’t affect the antique. Bubble wraps, paper sheets, blankets and towels are a great way to safe pack those precious antique items.

Safe transport:

Whether you are availing the transport service from the storage unit provider or have arranged it on your own, you need to be very careful about transferring the antiques. Ask the transport facility providers to specially instruct their vehicle drivers for a safe ride and also the loaders and unloaders to take care while performing their duties.

Store them safe:

Half of your work is already done as you have hired a reliable storage unit’s facility. Now, when you are about to store the antiques, there are a few considerations to make such as, pest control medicines, storing heavy items at the bottom and lighter on top and much more.

If you are concerned about the safety of your antique assets this guide will help you in safely moving them to the storage unit and then locking them away in the most secure environment for lifetime.

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