Latest Body Modification Tips to Follow This Year

The process of altering the physical appearance of a person is known as body modification. You can opt for body modification in order to transform your appearance and take your style statement to the next level.

When choosing a body modification technique you have to be careful. If you fail to choose a fashion-friendly technique for your modification then you will fail to get the iconic appearance you have dreamt of. So, continue reading to know about the latest body modification tips that you can follow in order to get a fashion-friendly appearance.

Pierced Dimples

Our cheek remains at the centre of the appearance. So, if you want to attract more attention to yourself then you have to do something on your cheek. Getting a tattoo on your cheek is not a good idea. In fact, you should not choose any part of your face for getting an ink tattoo. So, you can opt for piercing your dimple. It will help you to improve your overall appearance.

You can also opt for getting a pierced ear but it has been very common. So it is always recommended to opt for a dimple piercing if you want to improve the appearance of your face in a fashion-friendly way.

Inked Nails

This is an ideally crafted body modification technique for girls. However, it does not mean that boys can’t get inked nails. Based on their personality they can also opt for this method.

There are many people those who are sensitive to ink tattoo. They are always recommended to ink their nail in order to improve their appearance. Our nail is not as sensitive as the other parts of our body. So when getting a tattoo on your nail, you do not feel much pain or sensation. In case if you are allergic to tattoo inks even then you can opt for inking your nails. Generally, minimalistic tiny tattoos look good on nails. Getting your nail inked will help you to enhance your style statement for sure.


This is a process of creating designs, writing words on the skin with burning, scratching, etching etc. Due to this reason, the process is also known for scarifying. It is a permanent body modification technique because the mark on the skin last long. Some of the popular techniques of scarification are as follows:

  1. Cutting
  2. Ash rubbing
  3. Dremel scarification
  4. Branding
  5. Chemical scarification
  6. Tattoo gun scarification
  7. Skin removal

General Tattoos

This is one of the best body modification techniques that both men and women can choose this year to improve their style statement. Getting a tattoo will help them to stay in limelight. Before getting a tattoo you have to choose the body part very carefully. Both men and women can get the ink done on their wrists, arms, shoulders or back. Meanwhile, candidates are also recommended to hire a professional artist to get the job done. You can check celebrity ink tattoo Chiang Mai review and book the best artist for accomplishing the tattooing journey successfully.

So, these are some of the best body modification tips that you can follow to improve your style statement this year.

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