Know about the Various Industrial Accessories made from FRP

Research has quite effectually shown that fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) or fibreglass has become a favourite of manufacturers. Owing to having beneficial characteristics such as light weight, high tensile strength, resistance properties, low conductivity, and sturdiness, this composite material has quite effectually revolutionised the ways by which things were constructed and replaced conventional elements such as iron, steel, cement, aluminium, wood, etc.

In the following write-up, I have jotted down a few most common but popular industrial accessories made out of FRP. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Grating, also known as mesh and grid, could be loosely defined as a regularly spaced assortment of parallel, identical, and elongated elements, which could be used as bridge decks or for covering air vents and drains so that small particles could enter easily but the movement of larger ones are successfully blocked.


  • Boardwalk is a pavement constructed specifically so that pedestrians could tread upon them without any sort of difficulty. This particular structure is also often used as a trail in wetlands, beaches, and other types of fragile ecosystems. FRP-made boardwalks are known for having high traction and capability to endure heavy loads, immense pressure, as well as adverse weather conditions.

  • In addition to industries, a cable ladder handrail is known to have found applications in the extensive commercial sector as well. It could provide immensely flexible and economical solutions to several problems associated with telecommunication wiring, power lines having high voltage, optical towlines, etc.

  • Stairnosing is the horizontal and protruding brink of the stairs where maximum foot traffic occurs. At present, a large number of individuals are installing this particular structure because apart from enhancing aesthetics to a large extent, it could maximise security by alleviating the chances of slips, trips, falls, etc.

  • Baffle walls are increasingly used in sewage treatment plants nowadays. They are placed inside a septic tank so that all the rubbish materials present in the water are removed before it is released out into the sea. The structure has two compartments- first one is used for eliminating greases, oils, and fats while the second one absorbs solid components.

  • Push button stands are generally used in power stations for supporting varied kinds of electrical instruments during environmental inconsistencies. They are known for successfully holding switch racks together and stand absolutely compatible with post bases or other structures made from metals.

  • Hollow structural section (HSS) is a metal profile that could be rectangular, circular or square-shaped. It is generally used to cover the exterior of pipes or steel frames so that they appear thick and remain absolutely protected. HSS could also act as beams and they remain unaffected even when exposed to heat or fire.

All the FRP accessories stated above are available in market readily but individuals must be extremely cautious while making the purchase. They should conduct a comprehensive research, seek recommendations, and choose an organisation that could offer fibreglass solutions of top-notch quality for an extremely affordable price.

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