Choosing Apt Institution for MBA

Alongside rapid progressive strides in science and technology, the latter half of 20th Century also heralded a new ethos in academics with a direct bearing on industry and commerce. That was the post-graduate course of Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The renowned Harvard University in the US is regarded as the institution that charted out the curriculum for this prized course. Consequently, the essence of MBA as a highly specialized qualification spread far and wide across the world. And today, the MBA is viewed in the corporate world as the Pole Star for managers of almost all the streams.

In such a scenario, India has been no exception. At the outset, the Indian Institute of Management was set up at Calcutta in 1961 and over the last 53 glorious years, known as the IIM-C, it has blossomed into one of the leading management schools in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Soon another IIM at Ahmedabad came up and two more in Bangalore and Lucknow followed suit. Over the past 25 years, this network of IIMs has further spread nationwide while scores of universities and even private institutions have came forth in offering regular and correspondence courses in MBA. In fact, aspiration among the students fraternity for an MBA scroll has reached the apex to match the eternal demand from the corporate establishments including small enterprises.

Thus there exists an exigency for Best MBA institute in Uttarakhand to which well-established and even newly formed universities and colleges have responded on a positive note. How to judge the best among such institutions is indeed, a Herculean task. Apart from the name and fame, syllabus, faculty, campus and allied facilities, there are other yardsticks to identify ideal colleges. These are the annual survey for ratings conducted by leading consultants, on-the-campus talent hunts and recruitment for management trainees in various streams like HR, Marketing, Finance, Materials, Production etc. conducted by various corporate bodies.

To begin with every year, numerous entrance examinations like the GMAT, CAT and MAT are conducted for the aspirant students. These tests reiterate as to how important and also tough it is to secure admissions for the suitable courses in right colleges. The institution from where the MBA is obtained matters the most vis-à-vis carving out a lucrative career. With the advent of internet and its mass applications on every front, the ratings of top MBA colleges in India can be easily accessed for a detailed selection. Certain institutions that offer the MBA and allied courses have highlighted a good number of vital facts on their respective websites. This information pertains to teaching methodology, research infrastructure including completed and on-going projects and global tie-ups among others.

Nonetheless, it is imperative for every parent, guardian and above all the aspirant student to bear in mind and assess the following five factors in-depth while opting for the college:

  • Location of the MBA College
  • Affiliated University or recognition from UGC (University Grants Commission) / AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education)
  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Reputation of Faculty
  • Syllabus
  • Guest Lecturers/Visiting Professors
  • Scope for Workshops and conducting Case Studies as part of curriculum
  • Allied Programmes including Courses leading to Doctorates
  • Past records of MBA placements

Indeed, all these aspects pave the way for a great career ahead as an MBA to El Dorado!